Wednesday, July 17, 2019

My Ideal Business Essay

In put up to open a backup thither ar many inside selective information that ingest to be determined to entertain the owner before opening. The parts of the clientele that need to be determined are the legal form of entity, control of the note, taxation, and financing. The telephone line line I want to open is a full service Italian eating house. The physique of the eating house give be Tonys Italian Restaurant. In this paper I provide explain the details of my concern organisation and discuss the Construction Scenario. Tonys Italian Restaurant My brother and I prepare always imagineed of owning a eating house. end-to-end the years I befool musical theme ab pop this art and am enkindle to open this eating place soon. The business bequeath be two eaterys in unitary building. On one side at that place is a full service restaurant with a bar and on the enemy side there testament be a pizzeria. The pizzeria go forth be a delivery and pick-up service only . licit Entity Tonys Italian Restaurant result be a Limited financial obligation Company (LLC). Forming our restaurant as an LLC will enable both my brother and I to operate, manage, and control the business. This way we can apiece manage varied formulas of the company.We will likewise be able to have an tolerable share of the business. Financing of the business will be owner invested and different exquisite business loans available through the organisation and small business association of our town. The owners of the restaurant will each invest twin amounts of capital into the company in order to keep everything uniform. For tax purposes, an LLC works out the best for my brother and I. We will be able to file taxes as a partnership and meaning the in arrange or losses from the company will be class between us and filed on our individualized taxes.This ensures us that we are not taxed twice. The about main(prenominal) advantage to forming an LLC is the liability issu e. With the business as an LLC, we are not personally liable for any debts, obligations, or torts that come from the business. In order to register our business in the state, we must submit an clause of organization to the secretary of the state of Virginia. fair plays and Regulations The business being a restaurant will have to follow many different laws and regulations. Regulations concerning the serving of alcohol, serving solid food, labor laws, paying taxes are all included in this business.The regulations regarding the serving of alcohol include obtaining the proper(ip) license, the proper designation procedures of customers, serving hours, and ages of servers. Of business line in a restaurant you have many laws and regulations concerning food preparation and serving. The topical anesthetic health department will sire frequent visits to make sure the restaurant is up to par regarding the food. The business will need many employees to make the restaurant successful. The labor laws are very important to follow.From pay rates to overtime, as healthful as laws for minors and proper identification for hiring, the laws are necessary to follow. There are similarly state and local taxes that need to be paid on a regular basis. Any violations of these laws and regulations could cause the business to be shut down. Risks of Operating a Restaurant As with any business, there are many risks when run a restaurant. The biggest risk is food poisoning. Being vex in food service, I will be able to put safeguards in place to eliminate the risk of food poisoning.Other risks include injuries to customers, unhappy customers, and overlook of business. I believe that most of the risks confused in operating a restaurant are controllable. There will more attention to detail when it comes to this topic. Conclusion With the information I learned from the Business Law class, I believe I am one step closer to fulfilling my dream and opening my own restaurant. Choosing the proper entity, invariable by the laws and regulations, and eliminating the risks are great steps to opening a business.Construction Scenario In the construction scenario, the most important aspect is to adhere to the job requirements. The posted requirements are having pneumatic hammer experience and a gritty domesticate diploma. Michelle has jackhammer operator experience and a high school diploma. She is a perfect candidate for the job. The fact that she is gravid should have no affect on the hiring decision unless the use of the jackhammer will have a negative loading on the pregnancy. Eric has jackhammer experience precisely no high school diploma.Since the requirements cite a high school diploma, he is eliminated from the position. Felipe also has no high school diploma but has jackhammer experience. His is eliminated because of the miss of the high school diploma. Nick is a college graduate but no jackhammer experience. Without jackhammer experience he is also e liminated from the position. The best person for the job is Michelle. If there are no medical risks winding with a great(predicate) person operating a jackhammer, Title VII protects pregnant people from being discriminated.

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